Engineering is a broad discipline, relating to the development, acquisition and application of technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge about the analysis, design, development and use of materials, machines, systems and processes for specific purposes. From information technology to aeronautics, from medical science to mining and building roads and railways, engineers are making things happen.

As formation, I am an electrical engineer. Electrical engineering is a dynamic and growing field, covering a wide range of disciplines and applications such as electronics, control systems, electromechanical conversion systems, power systems, renewable energies, electric vehicles, etc.

I joined the Chair of Electrical Machines in 1996 as an assistant. Since then I was involved in teaching and research activities, mainly connected to electrical machines and electromechanical systems.

Teaching or research, what do I like more? Interesting and difficult question.

I like to teach as I like to work with students, sharing knowledge and teaching them how to work with and use it. I also like to do research, as it represents a rewarding and exciting opportunity to explore an issue in real depth. Thus, the best answer of the above question is that teaching enhances research and research enhances teaching.

I am currently professor at the Department of Electrical Machines and Drives, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. I am teaching the following courses: Electrical machines I, Industrial Systems Maintenance, Sustainable Development in Electrical Engineering and Testing and Diagnosis of Mechatronic Systems.

My research activity is focused on electrical machines and drives for automotive applications, both for e-propulsion and auxiliaries. My research interest addresses also electromechanical systems for renewable energies based and industrial applications.